Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Birthday and Weigh-In

This is a big week. Yesterday I turned 27, and today is my last day of work. Then on Tuesday I start the new job! I thought I would be sadder to leave, but while I will miss my boss and many of the people here, I am just so excited for the new position, and have been waiting so long to leave (over a year), that I'm not upset. This has been a long time coming.

I had another good weigh-in - down 1.4! That's 3 pounds for the month, and a total of 11.4 pounds in 12 weeks. I think the last time I lost a pound a week for three months was in college.

I was debating a lot how to deal, food-wise, with all these awesome things happening. My birthday was originally going to be a freebie, but then it happened to occur in conjunction with all these other events that were also going to be freebies - namely, the cake and then farewell happy hour for my last week of work. I had assumed they'd be a lot more spread out.

Also, I realized that I DON'T want to have a whole freebie week. I don't want to get on the scale and see that I erased the progress from the last couple of weeks. It doesn't seem worth it. Therefore, my goal for this week - for my birthday yesterday, for the end-of-work events, and for a relaxed movie/pizza/hangout we're going to have with some friends on Saturday as a birthday party - is just not to gain, and to do my best.

I was trying to figure out "What can I live with?" "Indulging but not going nuts?" I came up with w birthday meal instead of a birthday all-day-snackfest. Last night we went out to dinner, and I ate fettuccine Alfredo and creme brulee. It was beautiful. But I (mostly) stuck to the plan during the day.

That's my goal for the next week or so, leaving my old job and starting a new one. There's a lot of wonderful changes going on, but I'm going to try, at least, not to get too caught up in the eating part of it.

So bring on the cake and drinks, I (kind of) got this!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Best News I've Had Since 2014

So I must say, this has been a fucking amazing couple of weeks. I suck for not updating, even though I promised to do that - I will keep trying.

I've mentioned (i.e. complained) on here a couple of times about how I'm trying to find a job in the publishing industry and get out of paralegal work, so I'm thrilled to say that I got one! I'm going to be working in publicity for one of the major publishing companies, starting in a couple of week, and am absolutely ecstatic.

A good weight update, too: Last week, I was up .2. This week, I was down 1.4, which got me to my first ten pounds! It took me 13 weeks to lose 10 pounds, which is obviously longer than I'd like, but I know that it because of the times when I didn't make good choices.

I'm still digging Weight Watchers, though sometimes they try a bit too much to be everyone's therapist. Next week will mark 3 months since I started, and I'm hoping to take it to the end. A great perk of the new job is that it's pretty close to my current office, and therefore very close to my current Weight Watchers meeting. I'm really glad; that will make all these giant (but awesome) changes all the more easy.

Share your good news, please!