About Me

Welcome! I'm Leah, a 26-year-old living and working in New York City. I write about losing weight and all that comes with it, including dealing with slip-ups, stress, and staying motivated.

Here's the shortish version: I have been overweight for most of my life, with a high of over 200 pounds during the summer after my freshman year of college in 2009. That translated to a snug size 16 on my 5'2 frame and random pains in my calves if I walked for longer than 15 minutes. I finally took control back during my sophomore year of college and by 2012, with many gains and losses, I was down fifty pounds. I still had weight to lose, but was feeling great and had a confidence I never knew existed. I could do something hard, something that takes endless patience, dedication, and a lot of time.

However, after graduating college and entering the "real world" of rent, bills, and a full-time job, I was unable to maintain the healthy routines and habits I'd developed during college. I definitely don't have the busiest or the hardest life, but just the regular pace of a good life, including getting married and my first real job, overwhelmed me. Perhaps this was because I was overconfident in my ability to keep being healthy, or didn't realize just how easy I had it before.

In any case, I let working and setting up a home become excuses, and slowly but surely, gained back most of the weight. Since then, I've been working to regain my confidence and lose this weight. There have been a lot of gains and losses over these two years of blogging, but I'm not giving up!

 I joined Weight Watchers (I have no affiliation and no sponsorship with WW) in November 2015 and am working their new SmartPoints plan.

 My tentative goal weight is 130 but I'll see when I get closer. I say "when" I get to my goal, not "if."

My blog name is based on a few things:
1) It's a tribute to both the great Tina Fey sitcom, 30 Rock, and to dairy products in general
2) It's a reminder for me that weight loss doesn't mean giving up the foods I love forever. I can still have sweets, but maybe just not whenever, wherever.
3) It's also a reminder the package of cheese, ice cream bars, jello cups, etc, will still be there tomorrow and I don't have to eat it all now. It's goodnight, not goodbye.

July 2015, 185 pounds, 42% fat.
I love talking about weight loss. Feel free to email me at or leave a comment here.


  1. Keep up the good work!! Always use "when," never "if" :)

  2. Where did you come up such a blog name? :)

    1. Ha, fair question! I will add that info to the About Me. It's basically 1) A reminder that weight loss and maintainence doesn't mean saying a forever goodbye to all the foods and love and 2) A tribute to an amazing sitcom, 30 Rock