Tuesday, November 25, 2014

(Late) Weekly Weigh-In and Measurements

Late weight update, apologies. Now to abate your vague curiosity regarding my weight loss rate. (First and last time I ever do that, promise.) 

Wednesday’s weigh-in:

Pounds Fat82.772.570.370.870.368.868.1
Pounds Muscle 67.366.865.267.36567.763.3

This made me really happy. Two pounds in two weeks is right where my calories “said” I should be, and always like when the numbers match up like that. Muscle count, based on how much it fluctuated, is likely a fluke.

However, this week has been hard. After a great weigh-in on Wednesday, which had me excited to be solidly in the 170s, I went to a work event for a departing colleague. My original plan was somewhat drastic: to not eat anything. I’d have a substantial snack beforehand and just stick to diet soda at the party.

The result: I didn’t actually have any alcohol, and didn’t eat anything for a good hour. Then I decided to try one of the steak-cut fries from amongst the crazy abundance of food my company ordered, and that led to ten more fries, and some warm pieces of pita. I ended up having about 900 calories in bar food - and that was with having no alcohol and even turning down a decent amount of food. It always surprises me, even though it shouldn’t any more, how many calories you can eat just by grazing for a few hours. My food intake didn’t even stand out; everyone was indulging.

That night I got home frustrated that I had used up half my “flexible” calories and it was only the first day of the week. On Friday I made the mistake of baking cookies for a potluck meal with friends, and ate too many of them.

The bottom line is that, good news, I’ve tracked everything, even the stuff I wish I didn’t have, and even with indulging, I was consciousness of staying within a maintenance level for the week. It’s weird, but I’m glad to have this mentality - I can write off this week, indulge, enjoy, go over my calories, but I refuse to gain weight. I might put weight loss on hold for a week, but I will not re-re-lose this weight. Not again. I went from 200 pounds to 180, to 155, back to 190, then down to 177 (now.) This is the last time I will lose these pounds, barring pregnancy or illness. You know that 96-year-old yoga instructor, who has been doing yoga for the last 60 years, and is more flexible than most 25-year-olds? I want to be like her.

I think part of the reason it was hard was because I took my measurements again. I last did it back in March. And? They were exactly the same. Seriously, I'm not going to bother posting them because they were the same. I even did the measurements without knowing the previous numbers, to make sure I wasn't influenced by them, and they were the same. 

Fifteen fewer pounds of fat, knowing without a doubt that my pants are looser - I have no idea why the numbers aren't agreeing. Maybe my measuring skills suck, who knows. Maybe it will take a little longer for it to show up on the measuring tape, even though it's shown up in my pants.

I’m on track to have a calorie deficit for today, but for the most part this will be more of a maintenance week. And I’m okay with that.


  1. Gosh that's fun to see your progress! Great job tracking everything, you've totally got this!!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. How weird that your measurements have stayed the same and your clothes fit different! I wouldn't believe that. There's no way!!

    Anyway, congrats on the weight loss! It's so much work to lose weight and keep it off, especially this time of year.

    1. I know - I have no explanation except that my measuring skills must be off and I'm not registering an inch or two difference. I'll keep taking measurements periodically and assume at some point it'll register.

      Amen to that!