Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekly Weight Update and My Measurements

After weeks of working out and tracking, I stepped on the scale to see that I have lost a grand total of... half a pound.

After cleaning up the wires and plastic bits, I decided that this number was not an accurate reflection of my efforts. I fully admit that I haven't been perfect (see the earlier chocolate incident), but for the overwhelming majority of this time I have been tracking, weighing and measuring my food, and exerting myself in consistent workouts.

Most importantly, my body feels better, and my waist is slightly slimmer. I also don't have to twist my wedding ring around to remove it anymore; it's sliding off more easily. Therefore, despite my mistakes, I am confident that I'm on the right track and that there has been tangible progress - even if the scale is not cooperating. 

So there.

I'm going to start tracking my progress in a way that will not be as susceptible to water weight or hammers - the measuring tape. I intend to track these numbers every month or so. I'm still going to do weekly weigh-ins to get a progress report, but my focus will be on the measurements and longer term weight trends.

A part of me can't believe I'm putting this on the internet. But I've always loved seeing other people's numbers, plus it would probably be good for me to not be embarrassed by my size. I can be "unfinished" with my body without being ashamed of my measurements.  Not that I'll ever announce these numbers at work with the quarterly figures (that would be something to see), but this is a step.

Weight and Measurements as of March 10, 2014

Starting weight: 188
Current weight: 187.4
Highest weight: About 200
Waist (at narrowest): 37.5 in.
Waist, inhaling* (same place): 34.5 in
Just above hips, over belly button, relaxed: 43 in.
Thigh (8 in. above back of knee): 26 in.
Bra line: 37.5 in.
Bicep (3 in. above elbow, relaxed): 13 in
Calf, 6 inches below knee (start measurement at back of knee): 16.5 in.
Knee: 16.5 in.

* Inhaling basically means sucking in and standing up straight, so selfie mode

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