Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weight Update, Now with More Data

This is coming a couple of days late, but there really isn't anything to tell. I still, somehow, weigh the same. Technically I'm up .2, but I consider that a margin of error.

This week has been pretty good. I'm going to try and keep focusing on just doing my best with sporadic whining, but I am having a hard time waiting for concrete progress.

Stats and More Data
  • Weight: 187.6
  • We have a body fat scale that I thought was broken, but it turns out it's not, so I will now be adding that to the weekly fun. Similar to the measurements, body fat/muscle tracking is a good way to mark real progress, and unlike measurements, it shouldn't take months to change
    • Pounds of Fat: 79.6
    • Pounds of Muscle: 67.2
  • Back in August/September 2013, I consistently only weighed in with 63-65 pounds of muscle, maximum, so in the last few months I've gotten 3-5 extra pounds of muscle 

  • We've gone to the gym almost every day this week, and I've finally started using the weight machines. I'm focusing on my arms for weight training, since they're more neglected during cardio. 
  •  I did personal training for about 6 months last year. I'm obviously not qualified to train anyone, but I did learn a bit about how the exercises should feel, and how to push myself. The trainers' philosophy was to use the machines to target and push individual muscles to exhaustion, and then move on to another machine/muscle, while interspersing other activities like boxing and squats. There may be other methods, but I liked this one and I got results last time 
  • The machines at our current gym all have clear instructions, and I've just started with the lowest settings for each of them since even that felt challenging. At PT, I learned that ideal weight is one in which you can do 10-12 reps before your arm or leg turns to jelly

Oh, look, the ceiling must have a leak.

  • There are some things that I just don't keep in the apartment, and I like that
  • There were some good moments where I briefly considered eating something or other that was offered, then didn't. I consider this a sign that I'm really developing some better habits
  • I'm trying to only eat foods that are worth it - why waste calories on a treat if I'm not enjoying it?

  • I tracked all the days this week, including, for the first time, the weekend. Score! I was most definitely in "maintenance" territory on Friday and Saturday. So if every weekend is like this one, then I should be at a good calorie deficit five days a week, and at a maintenance level two days a week. In short, there's no reason I wouldn't be losing, I just need to keep going

  • I brought lunch 4 out of 5 days this week. Tuesdays are somehow challenging in this area
  • I'm still trying to figure out what my calorie target should be. I don't want to fall into that trap I always read about of not eating enough so my metabolism slows down and my body fights to keep my weight the same, but I also want a steady rate of loss (or any loss, really). Most sites are telling me that my basic metabolic rate is somewhere between 1700-1900, so a goal of 1250-1350, plus more on gym days, is reasonable for steady weight loss

So onto the next week, where I look forward to seeing Google's April food's prank. The first time I heard about it was the year they announced that they would be allowing people to send emails with early time stamps. You could send a birthday e-card on Monday that appeared to have been sent on the previous Friday, and thereby claim that you had not forgotten a birthday. I somehow missed that it was April 1st, and got really annoyed that they would offer such a deceptive feature.

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