Sunday, February 1, 2015

Goals for February

A blogger I like used to post monthy goals for herself, and I like the idea of that. I’ve made plenty of short term goals, like my original “Weight loss reboot” or when I stopped eating sugar for a month. It’s good to focus on the short term because my goal weight is likely a year away at least.

February Goals:

  • Get to a New Weight Decade
    • My original goal was to get into the 160’s by my 26th birthday, but I’m not sure I’ll make that. So while I’d still love to make that, my next “deadline” is to get to this place by the end of the month, two weeks later. Just 4.6 pounds...
  • Increase Strength Training
    • I’ve been going to the gym, and even pushing myself, consistently 4-5 times a week. However, I only strength train once a week, sometimes only a few times a month. For this month, I’m aiming to do weights 6 times at least, and hopefully 8 or 10.
    • Probably not 10, since this is a short month.
  • Get a New Weekend Strategy
    • Or, something. Every week I overdo it on Friday and Saturday, and it turns my pound loss into two-thirds or half a pound. Still progress and great and all that, but I need to be better at this.
    • Possible strategy: stop making desserts for potlucks, dammit Leah. People will still like you when you don’t bring them sugar.

  • Get Creative with Breakfast
    • I literally eat oatmeal or Greek yogurt for breakfast every day. I want to try at least one new work-friendly breakfast (so probably no eggs).
    • One option: I’ve always liked that if it’s food and you have it for breakfast, then it’s breakfast food. Stew, beans, chicken, why not?
  • Bring Lunch
    • Bring lunch at least 4 days a week. Laziness if the only thing stopping me. Even if it’s an Amy’s meal, it’s still cheaper than buying, and still better because it takes away the necessity of a decision.
  • Remember that it’s a birthDAY, not a birthWEEK
    • My mother was not in labor for a week; in fact, she was barely in labor for an afternoon. Celebrate/eat accordingly.
    • Call my mother on my birthday, to thank her. She did all the work that day.
  • Cook on Sundays
    • It helps so much for the week. I cooked a couple of dishes over the last two Sundays that were good for lunch - mainly fish chowder and balsamic chicken with fajita vegetables - and I need to keep this up. Today will be a challenge since we’re going to a Superbowl party so I shouldn't procrastinate like I usually do.

Alright, February. Here we go.

Who else has goals, weight-related or other, for this month?

What are they?


  1. Good goals! p.s., don't rule out eggs for weekday breakfasts. You can hard boil eggs, or scrambled eggs up and break up into 2 eggs sized servings and put in a container that can be nuked. You can also grill or fry (in healthy fats or just the juice from the patties) hamburger patties and take those with the eggs too. Healthy, protein-rich breakfasts, that only need a minute or two of nuking to warm up! :)

    1. Thanks! I’m not completely ruling out eggs, but I feel badly eating them in an office because of the smell. If I can figure out a way to minimize that, I would be all over them. Maybe egg/veggie/meat muffins? I like the egg & hamburger idea.

  2. Those sound like good strategies laid out to meet your goals! I totally get the "Birthday Week" with different people wanting to take you out for a meal. so it can get tricky with all those temptations.

    For breakfast as an alternative to omelettes or oatmeal, I do smoked salmon rolls. Sometimes wrapped in Nori or rice paper or a thinner tortilla depending on how fishy I'm feeling :) Sometimes I'll prepare salmon or tuna from a can with a bit of mayo, but the stink factor can get high if you are in a small office.

    1. Yup! I think that even if I celebrate over the weekend (since my birthday is on a Tuesday), it needs to not be my birthday celebration food-wise.

      When you do the rolls, is it just fish and a wrapper or do you add other stuff? I would say it’s a medium-sized office, but there is a small kitchen so perhaps if I ate there it wouldn’t be too bad.