Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weigh-In and Rom-Com Style Pep Talks

Wednesday’s weigh-in:

Pounds Fat82.772.570.370.870.368.868.171.4
Pounds Muscle 67.366.865.267.36567.763.368.7

Well. That fucking sucks, to put it mildly. But I said I'd share all the good and the bad, so there it is. 

It’s definitely not where I thought I should be, based on calorie counts. However, based on the fact that I definitely did not lose and then gain four pounds of muscle in just a few weeks, I’m going to take this with an asterisk. Unfortunately, I’m probably up. Maybe a pound, probably not four. All I can do is double down my efforts this week. And yes, I do take the good weigh-ins without any asterisks.

So far this week has continued to be pretty good. I’m still in an odd “I want to eat everything” mood but this time I’m actually controlling it and still tracking everything. Acknowledging and validating my own feelings goes a long way towards not giving in to random food cravings.

Yesterday I was vaguely thinking about how much I wanted to get one of the amazing chocolate chip cookies from the bakery next to my office, and ended up giving myself a rom-com worthy mental pep talk. I didn’t really want a cookie, I was mostly tired and a bit stressed and a cookie would be relaxing and make me forget that for a minute. It was okay and normal to feel like I wanted the cookie, but I focused on the degree to which it wasn’t worth it - those 350 calories could make the difference between keeping within my weekly flexible calories or going above them - and the fact that I would still be tired and stressed after I ate it.

I did have too much bread on Friday and as of now, Saturday night, I’ve used up the 2,000 “flexible” calories that, with a thousand-calorie daily allotment, produce a 1300-day average. If I stay on target for the next few days until the weekly calories reset on Wednesday, I can count on a pound loss for the week. That’s totally doable, especially if I go to the gym.

The upcoming weeks will be tougher, with a couple of holiday parties that will be very food-centric. I still have no idea how I should approach these events. Overall I know the most important thing when getting off track is to immediately get back on track the next meal - as in, not to write off the day if I eat too big a lunch and inhale a pizza for dinner.

Also, two random things: 
  • I want to actually post my weigh-ins on the day that I weigh in, which is Wednesday. So from now on I'll do that, even if it's just a quick check in. Consistency is good.
  • I've joined a challenge to try and exercise 20 times during December. So far I'm at three, and will go to my Zumba class in the morning. T

  • I can still make it to my goal of getting into the 160’s by my birthday (right around Valentine’s Day, so I’ll just use that as the date). I can. I can. I can.


    1. Ahh! Being up is so infuriating when you should be down according to calorie intake. Story of my life. Even though you can fluctuate, it's still mentally demotivating, right?

      Good luck this week :)

      Corinne x

      1. Exactly! I know "the scale lies" but still sucks to see the number.