Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weekly Weight & High School Nostalgia

Here's the weekly number: 

Lbs. Fat82.772.570.370.868.169.567.166.967.6
Lbs. Muscle 67.366.865.267.363.36863.963.965

Of course, the week after I decide to focus on the fat number and less on the net weight, my fat is up and weight is down. Maybe I’ll switch for the week? So yay, I'm down almost a full pound!

This was a pretty good week, though I think now I'm getting into that fun monthly time where I want to eat everything. I've been going to the gym consistently 4-5 times a week, even when my husband doesn't join me.


Our friend who joined a CSA let us take it over for a couple of weeks while she was away, which let to our having a ton of parsnips, eggs, and pears. Awesome! I made a blended parsnip soup with a couple of potatoes, light coconut milk, and Indian spices (based on this recipe). It was sweeter than expected, but still good and only 120 calories per cup. Overall though, I need to get consistently better about cooking. The main reason is that lunches out are expensive. 

In other news, I think going to the gym has officially become ingrained in me. I don’t dread it, and sometimes I even enjoy it. Working out is just something I do now, apparently. It helps that the machines at the gym all have televisions attached, so when I go in the morning I get to look forward to watching an old episode of Charmed. Approximately 27% of my high school years were spent watching this show.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t easily revert back to old habits. I’ve done that before. But this time actually feels different. When I get up early so I can go to the gym before work, it feels like “Okay, this is something I should do for the rest of my life. Okay, I can do that.”

Five more weeks until my goal time of getting into the 170s.

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