Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Goal Results, and Goals for March

A month ago (<-- link) I made some goals for the month of February. Let’s see how I measured, or didn’t measure, up.

Goal: Get into the 160s to reach an official 30 pound loss
  • Fail, fail, fail, fail. See posts in February for my whining on this situation. I’m hoping March is the magic month. This is exactly like getting out of the 180's was


Goal: Increase Strength Training to 2-3 times per week
  • In hindsight, I think this goal was too lofty. Going from one to three times a week ended up being more of a challenge than I thought
  • The improvement here is that I started attending Total Body Conditioning, which has much more of an impact than my 10-15 minute sessions

Goal: Improve eating habits over the weekends, when I’ve been going overboard
  • With the exception of the birthday/crappy week, this has been much improved.
  • I’ve made two major changes to get better about this: Stop cooking desserts for other people, and actually making a detailed plan about what I’m going to eat for group meals. Deciding how much, if any, bread to have is 100x easier before the meal than during

Goal: Make more creative breakfasts, or anything that’s not Greek Yogurt or Oatmeal
  • Breakfast today was oatmeal, so I’ll let you determine this one. However, I bought a carton of egg whites, so we are well on our way here.
  • Confession: I stopped caring about this one

Goal: Bring lunch to work at least 4 days a week
  • Score! I’ve been bringing lunch to work very consistently. A couple of times it’s just been a frozen meal (usually Amy’s), but it counts because it’s still cheaper, and the decision part of work lunches is out of the equation  

Goal: Don’t Let My Birthday Become an Excuse to Overeat for a Week
  • Another fail here. I indulged myself to a half pound gain that week, which manifested as four extra pounds, which thankfully are gone now

Goal: Be Better About Cooking/Prepping Sundays
  • Meh. I’m probably about the same here.

Bottom line: Maybe this was too many goals. I was trying to improve in every weight loss-related area where I needed to work, instead of focusing on just a couple. Or I’m just making excuses.

Either way, for my March goals, I’m going to zero in much more. For example, I’ll cross the breakfast boredom bridge when I reach it.

Goals for March

  • No Sugar 
    • This is an obvious one since it’s already underway. I decided to cut way, way back on my sugar intake outside of work, and completely stop eating office treats. Overall this is going well! There have been many wonderful items in my office, and also lots of mini candies, and I’ve stayed far away from them all.
    • I’ve even realized I don’t even taste the difference when I decrease the sugar in my coffee by 25%. (6 grams instead of 8). I’m working on eventually getting down to just taking my coffee with milk. That would save me 30 calories a day, which is 30 more calories of cheese.
    • So overall my intention is just to keep this up through March at least.
  • Get to the 160s
    • Seriously. There’s 4.5 weeks in March. I can do this.
    • According to my calorie deficits, I should be in the low 170s already. I'm not. I'm impatient.

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