Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day Two: So Now I'll Wake Up Thin, Right?

Today was successful, food-wise. I was lucky that there weren't any work temptations, so all I had to do was not go across the street and buy several giant chocolate chip cookies. Generally I aim to eat about 1300 calories per day, and track on my smart phone.

I brought breakfast and lunch to work, which meant that I didn't have to use any thoughts to decide what to eat, plus it's a lot cheaper. Lunch was ground beef with peppers and onion, with salsa, rice, and mixed lettuce. I managed to make the beef in the Crockpot yesterday, and it should last 3 more lunches. Bringing lunch to work is the oldest and most cliche dieting and money-saving tip ever for good reason.

I'm in what I would call the "motivated place" - I'm feeling confident in my willpower, and more importantly, in my ability to be patient, keep doing what I'm doing, and know that I will see results eventually. That place is across from the "Who gives a fuck, because I will eat a whole cake" location.

 I'll will wake up tomorrow, having eaten well for the entire previous day, and be the tiniest bit annoyed that I'm not slim yet. Rationally I know that it will take hundreds and hundreds of "good" days before I'm where I need to be, and that after that it will be a lifetime of maintenance. Yet somehow, I'm still going to be a little disappointed tomorrow that my old pants don't fit quite yet.

But with zippers.

For that reason, I am just going to be proud of myself for this day, and then try to eat well tomorrow.

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