Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weekly Weight Update

Weight: 187.2, so I'm down .4 from one week ago. 

According to the body fat scale, I lost even more than that  - about 1.5 pounds of fat.

Also an ancient mating ritual

After weeks of no results, I'm happy to see something moving. 

In chart form:

Pounds Fat79.6178.186
Pounds Muscle67.2667.2588

Two weeks ago, I set a few monthly goals. Now that it's the halfway point, here's how it's going.
  • Goal: Keep going to the gym 3-4 times a week
    • Success on this front. It's becoming more of a habit, and I know that no matter how crappy or boring my day was, it will end on a slightly higher note because we've gone. 
    • When I really don't want to go, and we go anyways, I add that to my mental "bonus" section
    • Passover is starting soon, which will mean a week away from routine and a limited diet. I will try to set specific plans for working out, and planning some food, especially since I won't be at home for any of it.
    •  A week sounds short, but I've let my motivation derail before because of short hiatuses from the norm. It's too easy to lose good habits

Let my babies go!

  • Goal: Keep tracking everything, work on tracking on weekends
    • Last weekend I finally kept track of my weekend food. I could only estimate, but it was the first 7 days in a row of tracking since I started. Before that, it was basically 5 1/2 days on, 1 1/2 days off... 
  • Goal: Cook more dishes for lunches and to stock freezer

    • If buying frozen, pre-cooked tilapia and chicken breasts counts as stocking the freezer, then success. Otherwise, not so much.
    • Lunches are better - this week I made a big pot of beans, and have been enjoying them with rice and salsa

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