Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Weight Update

This week was harder than usual. I ended up having to go into work on Sunday, and then had to work late several nights during week - including once to 4:30 a.m. Coffee was certainly my friend this week, as the five-year-old in me can't stand go to sleep at eleven or twelve when I only got home at ten.

 Perhaps he genuinely doesn't know?

However, I got three free dinners (the firm pays for dinner if you stay past a certain hour), and made decent choices when picking what to eat. J and I were able to go to the gym twice, and I kept up with tracking food and exercise. I had to estimate a bit more since more of my meals were takeout, but they were free so I'll take that trade-off any day.

All in all, I think I did okay. It was only one week. I'm still learning how to handle exercising and eating well while having a low-stress job with normal hours, which is one up from being a college student and having a flexible schedule and a lot of free time. At this point I probably wouldn't handle late nights well if they were constant.

 Baby steps


My weight and stats for the week were a bit odd. I lost a pound, which is awesome, but my muscle and fat were both down about two pounds. I doubt I've actually lose that much fat and muscle in only a week and then gained all that back as water, so I'm going to focus more on the net pound loss and see what happens next week.

 Chart Form:

Measurements 3/10/20143/19/20143/26/20144/2/20144/9/2014
Pounds Fat79.6178.18676.6
Pounds Muscle 67.2667.258865.4

The next two weeks are going to be harder. J and I will be spending all of Passover either at my parent's house, or his mother's home in Michigan. My diet will be limited, and there will be too many days that I can't track my food or will have little control over what's on the menu. The upside is that my mother-in-law is usually delighted to take me up on my offers to cook when we're visiting, since she works long hours and doesn't enjoy cooking too much. I like cooking and being able to help out when we're visiting, so that on top of getting to chose when we're eating makes this a good deal.

Oh yeah, we also do meth. Together. As a family.

In other news, since we've joined the gym, I've been wondering about muscle mass and how much muscle I should possibly be aiming for with my height and gender. I had a hard time finding an average, or healthy range of muscle percentage for women. (It wasn't on the first page of Google.) 

This is much more amusing now that winter's over.

What I did find indicates that healthy muscle percentage is much more subjective than that of body fat in terms of health. However, Dr. Oz said that the average for women is 30%. That seems a little low to me, but then again it's just an average from a barely-legitimate source, so who knows what the sample size was or what's skewing the average. If it's at all accurate, that means I have 5-7% more muscle than the average woman.

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