Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In - Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

I was not looking forward to this week’s weigh-in. As much as I’d tried, and though it would have been much worse had I not been trying at all, I did eat too much over the last week-and-a-half. But I know that, just like if I eat something and then don’t count it anywhere, I’m only hurting myself..

When I decided not to take the scale during our trip, it meant I would be skipping a weigh-in, but I couldn’t justify lugging it around with absurd airline limits. Thus during this vacation, I haven’t had an idea of how well or badly I was eating. I was trying to make reasonable decisions and track when possible, but also knew I was indulging. So when I finally weighed in, I had that mindset of anticipating the worst while also secretly hoping for the best.

So here are the numbers, added at the right-most column:

Measurements 3/10/20143/19/20143/26/20144/2/20144/9/20144/23/2014
Pounds Fat

Pounds Muscle


Weird numbers again, but they fit with the overall trend more than the last set did. Fat pounds are way up, and still up even for three weeks ago. Since I know I didn’t literally gain 3 pounds of fat in a couple of week as that would have required ten thousand or so extra calories, (I didn’t stray that far,) I’m hoping it goes back down just as quickly. Muscle mass is the same, which is good considering how little I’ve exercised in the last couple of weeks.

J and I spent the first half of the holiday at my parent's in New York, and the rest of the holiday in Michigan with my mother-in-law and her husband. It was really nice, especially since we don’t see them often. J’s mother also has a beautiful, huge kitchen I can only dream about. 

They have two dogs and a cat, so J and I had fun taking the dogs out for a few walks in the sunshine. It’s a fun and novel activity for me since I’ve never owned a dog. Of course, walking with a dog is kind of like walking with a toddler – lots of stopping to lick things, and maybe to poop. Besides these walks, which were lengthy but not particularly strenuous, I only ended up working out hard once during the holiday.

Waiting, hoping to be walked.
There have been positive eating moments this week, despite the indulgences. I turned down seconds or treats many times, and also think I ate with a lot of awareness – even when overeating. This is progress, as I used to sneak things and then lie to even myself about what I was doing, or that it was a good idea.

We flew home yesterday morning on the red-eye, and I headed to work straight from the airport. I had valiant intentions to go to the gym after work, but the idea of going to the gym on zero sleep, after going to work on zero sleep, seemed like a ridiculous idea. We will be going tonight.
Finally, I want to officially commit now to posting my weight here every week. That is my promise to myself, and to the Internet: I will always post my weight, not pretend the scale doesn’t exist, or that I was too busy, or to pretend that a gain didn’t happen. It’s a pet peeve of mine when bloggers whose focus is weight loss have sudden and complete radio silence about their weights, even though they continue to allude to their weight, post consistently about other topics and answer non-weight-related questions in the comment section.

Overall, I am overly happy to be back to normal, back into a routine of work, gym, and food tracking, where I know I do much better. This holiday/vacation ended up being kind of sucky timing – it started just when I was finally making real progress with weight and numbers, but before I got better at resisting in treat-filled environments. Oh well, I’m going to keep going this week, and hope the next few months of awesome and boring life will lead to some real weight loss. And whether I log 20 fewer pounds or 30 more pounds, I’ll keep putting it up.

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