Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stuff and Things

Bullet Point Post because I’ve been distracted the last couple of days. I’m waiting to hear back about an amazing job and it feels like applying to college again - just tell me yes or no so I can move on.

  • The Jewish holiday season is over. I know that for most people, the holiday season hasn’t even started, but for me it’s basically over and I am so, so glad. I would go into it more, but it seems strange to complain about too many days off and too much good food available.

  • Looking back, I realized I only did the “small meals” plan for… five days. Then the holiday season started and I had a lot of trouble doing it for the short days in between.

  • This morning I weighed in at 183. Some may be bloat or whatever, as it’s about five pounds up from two weeks ago, and there’s no way I was overeating to that degree

  • Still, it was really shitty to see that on the scale, and I am feeling sort of desperate to get back to it, to not feeling so uncomfortable in my body

  • My gym buddy has also been struggling with eating well the last couple of months. Holidays and other events have kept us from our beloved gym classes, so we’re determined to get back to our regular Sunday and Tuesday classes

  • I hate waiting to hear back from things.

  • It’s getting colder here, which is wonderful for two main reasons. 1) I can wear long sleeves and pants without feeling like I’m dying of sweat inhalation; and 2) I don’t have to look at women wearing rompers, which I think is one of the dumbest trends in recent history 
  • Seriously, with the rompers. “Here is an outfit that flatters only the thinnest of people, and forces those who do wear it to sit on the toilet topless because they have to pull the whole thing off.” “Perfect! Make sure they’re all just shy of showing off the butt.”

Any trends you just do not understand?


  1. The one upside of rompers: when I see them on clearance rack at Target (and I think seeing them on the clearance rack is good, it means not everyone bought them), at first I always think they're a crotch-length dress, and am disappointed that such a dress was even ever made. THEN I realize they're not a crotch-length dress, just a romper, and decide that that's every-so-marginally better.

    1. Good point - on a windy day, a romper is better than a crotch dress.

  2. Holidays are already tough enough, especially if you were stressing over a new job at the same time, a real double-whammy. Hope it was just bloat, and that the gain was only temporary.

    1. It did go down a couple of pounds, but I was fluctuating so much that I didn't even know what to think.