Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In: Boston

I’m writing from Boston, where we are celebrating my brother’s college graduation. We arrived late last night and spent today visiting my brother and taking a guided tour of the Freedom Trail, a marked pathway through some of Boston’s most famous historic sites. We really enjoyed it and got a good long walk in the warm, drizzly rain as a bonus. I really love all the history in this city.

Trivia: Where is Ben Franklin buried? Answer: Philadelphia, where he died, even though people come looking for him in Boston, where he was born and lived for the most famous part of his life, and even though there’s a monument with his name on it in the same cemetery where Paul Revere is buried. Other fun fact: Christopher Columbus never sat for a portrait in his life, so any paintings of him are based off of memory or descriptions.

Total crap.

This was a pretty good week, especially since it was so short. Work was slow as many of the attorneys are out of the office for various cases, which is always nice. I tracked faithfully, though did go over my daily calories. I was still at a deficit each day but not at a 1.5-2 pounds/week kind of deficit. I know,  I either need to stick with the 1300 calorie limit, or raise it and purposefully lose weight more slowly.

Anyway, here are this week’s results:

Measurements 4/23/20144/30/20145/7/20145/14/2014
Pounds Fat79.581.578.379.1
Pounds Muscle 67.468.467.468.6

While I was disappointed, this number didn’t bother me too much as I am definitely, 100% bloated. I know I had a calorie deficit overall for this week, and the working out is still working out.  I’m pushing myself more. I realized that there are different kinds of ellipticals, and some lend themselves to more challenging workouts than others. So I need to keep using the tougher ones.

We went to the gym three times this week, two of them in the morning before work. Going to the gym in the mornings is something we’ve always had as a “that would be a really good idea” concept, kind of like when you run into somebody and they’re like, “Let’s have lunch!”  and everyone knows it’s not going to happen. Part of the failure is because it involves planning ahead. Apparently deciding what to wear to work in advance and going to sleep at a reasonable hour is a huge challenge for me.

There might be a couple of celebratory meals this weekend, and I’m going to keep reminding myself that this is not Paris, it’s just Boston, and nothing I’m going to eat is a unique opportunity, though it might be delicious. Besides, I live in New York City, right? I can eat anything there.

The lies will seizure you

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