Monday, May 19, 2014

On Morning Workouts

As I mentioned, we got up before work twice last week and went to the gym. It really is better and more convenient in basically every way to work out in the mornings. This is at least true for me, as someone with a full-time job and few outside obligations.

I am recording this for prosperity, to remind myself to get off my ass in the evenings and plan for the next day.

The Many Advantages of Morning Workouts:

  • Gym is less crowded in the mornings, and newly cleaned
  • Starting the day on a great note, and feeling good about myself all day
  • Getting home earlier in the evenings
    • No eating dinner at 9:00 PM, plus more options to have a date night or run errands
  • Being forced into a better sleep schedule - got to go to sleep on time if we're going to wake up early
  • Knowing calorie allotment for the day instead of debating if I should eat a bigger lunch, because I don’t know how many calories I’ll be burning later or if I’ll get stuck at work instead
  • Similar bonus: Staying late at work doesn't mean missing a workout
  • A feeling of superiority towards everyone on the subway, knowing that it’s unlikely they were awesome enough to work out in the morning

Love me, subway patrons. 

  • Not worrying about coordinating with J
    • There’s always a tiny bit of logistics in the evening, since I’m coming from work and he’s coming from home, but if we go in the morning we’re already in the same place. It also works at the end of the workout, since we split up after the gym - me to work and him back home. So he can stay a bit extra if he feels like it without making me wait
  • One less clothing change
    • I can go from pajamas to workout clothes to work clothes to pajamas, instead of pajamas to work clothes to workout clothes to pajamas.
    • I just realized that’s actually the same, but for whatever weird reason the first one feels more convenient.

Some disadvantages: The only things on TV are morning talk shows, my time is limited because I have to go to the office, and any breakfast/lunch items that I want to bring into the office have to sit in a locker or my bag for an extra hour.

These are quite minor compared to the benefits, I just like to be thorough. 

So note to self at 8:30 PM: Get off your ass for 3 minutes and pack a gym bag. You'll be glad you did.

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