Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In

I had a great weekend in Boston, enjoying my brother’s college graduation, the Red Sox spirit everywhere, and time with family. My parents were especially thrilled to pack up the car with a child's’ crap for the last time. It was also the last time they arrived to load the car with the contents of a dorm room and immediately realize that 90% of it wasn’t packed. Being a parent sounds like a never-ending joy.

Food-wise, it wasn’t great. I’m still not good at being out of my comfort zone, especially when surrounded by food that I did not make and can’t measure. This is probably part of why weekends are my worst times, though our Sunday gym sessions make a big difference.

My brother and his roommates cooked dinner for their families over the weekend. It was such a lovely gesture, and they ended up making enough to feed fifty because they were worried about not having enough for everyone. I had trouble stopping myself from picking at the huge plates of lovely food they created, especially since the meal was long. Then there was the ice cream meal at my brother’s favorite place, where I enjoyed a generous scoop of peanut butter cookie dough chip ice cream. (I think that one was worth it, actually.)

With the help of J, I tracked/estimated everything I’d had, and we took a couple of nice walks. That’s definitely an improvement from a couple of months ago.  I got right on track when back in New York, going to the gym four times (three in the morning), plus weighing and measuring food. So for that, I’m proud.

I stepped on the scale this week expecting the weekend to show itself in digital format, but was pleasantly surprised.

Measurements 4/23/20144/30/20145/7/20145/14/20145/21/2014
Pounds Fat79.581.578.379.178.5
Pounds Muscle 67.468.467.468.667.1

Down slightly less than a pound from last week! Maybe those walks and good day paid off more than I thought and helped with the one or two bad ones. However, I was still kind of appalled at how I looked in the recent graduation photos - my face is still rounded and full like it was at my highest - I’m trying to use that as motivation. When I was just 15 pounds lighter, my face looked much better. 


I want to get there again. I want to make long term, tangible progress. This is the point in the game where I’m young enough and overweight enough that I don’t have to be satisfied losing three pounds a month; I can healthily lose faster than that if I just stick to what I’m doing.

Have a great one!