Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Results & The Things Everyone Can Agree About

  1. Water is good
  2. Vegetables are good
  3. Refined sugar is not great
  4. Oxygen is important

Those seem to be the only four things that the nutrition community can agree upon. And that’s with the third one being debatable and that fourth one being a joke. So really, there’s only two things we can agree on. Are eggs good? Does butter raise the good kind of cholesterol? Do we need carbs for energy? What minion of Satan marketing executive made up the terms ‘superfood’ and ‘foodie’? Whoever you are, you superfood-curating foodie, I hate you.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I found myself back at the lowest and worst junction of weight loss. This is where I’ve completely faced the consequences and results of my recent bout of not caring and subsequent weight gain, and want to do something about it, but haven’t yet started.

This is the worst part because before this, I was eating terribly and had gained weight, but didn’t care and/or was in denial, so it was okay in a way. Past this point, I might still feel like crap about the gain, but will have lost a couple of pounds and feel like I’ve really started to do something. But the in-between of these two things? When you’re on the bottom between the twin peaks of weight gain and accomplishment? They suck.

I tried to figure out where to start. I’ve been at this point, even written about it here. Last time, I decided that I needed a slap in the face, to cut out the food groups that I couldn’t control myself around, so that hopefully, eventually, I could come to a middle ground of sustainable weight loss and maintenance. I’ve written about going to the other extreme to find moderation. God, that’s depressing to think how I’ve been on this exact pathway.

In the end, I decided to try a modified kind of Whole30. Why Whole30, a “cleansing health food plan” that I genuinely think is mostly fear-mongering pseudo-science? I’m… not quite sure. It was something that cut out carbs and sweets, the areas where I have the most trouble. It’s really similar to Atkins, except Atkins is a diet and Whole30 is some kind of “reset” that most people end up losing weight on.

On Whole30, you can eat: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables (including potatoes), nuts, oils, and fruits
That means you’re supposed to cut out: Dairy, legumes (so peanuts too), grains, soy, sugar in any form except fruit, and alcohol. I might be missing some stuff for the 30-day plan, but that’s the gist of it.

I’m not following it perfectly - I’m still having a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee, and haven’t cut out soy sauce. But other than that, it's been good. I'm eating a lot of meat and vegetables, mostly. The hardest part has been breakfast. I don't think I'll ever be able to face meat for breakfast, so it's either eggs in some form, or a banana with almond butter. I miss my yogurt.

How they see my sugar consumption, I assume.

This weekend wasn't great though. I had some sweets at a wedding and then some more crap at a BBQ we went to yesterday. I was angry at myself, trying to remember that guilt is useless, and focus on 1) how I’ve been doing pretty great otherwise and 2) It would have been 10x worse. So far it's mostly working.

I have just under two weeks left, and I’ve really been digging this whole not-tracking thing. I’ve know I’ve spouted tracking as my personal good path to weight loss, but at this point I like cutting out some foods more than tracking all of them.

Weight update:

Start2 WeeksChange
Lbs. Fat70.9682.9
Lbs. Muscle Unsure63.8

A cool five pounds in two weeks! I’m really pleased with that, which is a weird feeling since it’s overlaid with enormous annoyance that I’m back in the 170s. But moving on, and down.


  1. So glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find yours! While I like the Whole 30 - like you, I loves my yogurt and cheese. I could live off of those two things and be perfectly happy - oh, except that I need my pizza too. :D

    Breakfast baked potatoes are one of my favorite high protein breakfasts - without the cheese I think this could work for you using leftover meat and veggies :D

    1. Me too, glad to see you here! I've been a lurker on your blog for some time.
      I love that breakfast potato idea. Might even make meat more appetizing in the morning, thanks for sharing it!

  2. After doing the Whole30 two years ago, I found it helped me focus on eating lots of veggies and to find better and easier healthy options, without "fillers" of rice and pasta. Like grilled protein (chicken, steak or fish) and veggies for supper on my George Foreman grill=easy. My tastebuds also changed from needing sweets, to not as much, which was a nice surprise. I felt better/lighter after too.

    I'm with you on breakfast... I got queasy eating meat in the morning. I think I stuck with egg and veggie omelettes or smoked salmon.

    Glad to hear it's working for you so far!

    1. +1 to the fillers idea. I need to make the veggies the fillers instead of the starch, you know?